All our add-ons work in Xcelsius (aka SAP Dashoards) versions 4.0 SP4 and higher and support both SWF and mobile (HTML5) output, unless explicitly indicated otherwise.  

All the components with the Live tag are available to purchase individually,  they are also included within the dVelop Xcelsius subscription.  Early access to the Alpha and Beta components is only available with the dVelop Xcelsius Plus subscription.

Export As Excel

 Allow users to export the data from their dashboards as Excel or CSV.   Data can be downloaded as

Export As PDF

 Allow users to export the data from their dashboards as a formatted table in a PDF document.  

Data Table

  Add a fully interactive and searchable table of data to your dashboard.  This component works

Data Mover

 Long term users of Xcelsius will have maybe missed the power and capability of the Source Data

HTML5 Vars

 I'm really excited to show off the latest component out of the UK Labs team.  The other week I

Advanced IFrame

In a recent post I talked about some of the projects that UK Labs are working on: HTML5 variable

d3 Multichart

 Don't you hate it when you've built your dashboard,  added all the charts and visualizations

d3 Chord Diagram

 The chord diagram is a data visualization displaying the relationships between data. The data is

Trend Icons

 Showing an indication of trend in your data can be a great addition to a visualization.  The


 Do you need to delay moving data in your dashboard?  Perhaps you need to show a loading screen