In a recent post I talked about some of the projects that UK Labs are working on:

  1. HTML5 variable passing for Xcelsius
  2. Webi Custom Elements
  3. IFrame component for Xcelsius

I can now share that #3 has been completed and is now for sale.  The component is called the "Advanced IFrame Component" and allows you to use it as a simple IFrame within your HTML5 dashboard, or you can use it to host child dashboards and includes parent <-> child communication.  The communication allows you to pass variables between the parent and child dashboards.

One of our most powerful addons to date.  This component allows you to embed web content within your dashboard.  That in itself doesn't sound too powerful, but imagine if you had a dashboard and within that you embeded another dashboard,  kind of like the native SWF loader component.  Now it's sounding more useful.  Not only are you able to embed dashboards within each other, the Advanced IFrame component also permits you to pass data to and from the child and parent dashboards.

With this parent <-> child communication, and the ability to seamlessly integrate dashboards inside each other, you are now able to split your development of complex dashboards into individual models and then use the Advanced IFrame component to "stitch" them back together into a cohesive, complete model.  Never before did you have the ability to truly parallel develop with Xcelsius.

We have used this modular approach in some of our most complicated dashboard projects, and the ability to split each page / screen into it's own individual XLF has been invaluable.  No longer are we fighting against corrupt files when they become too large, or risking impacting the whole dashboard when making changes to one screen.  

For details on how to use the Advanced iFrame component and to see videos of it in action, please have a look at the following tutorials

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