Data Mover

 Long term users of Xcelsius will have maybe missed the power and capability of the Source Data component.  This small, excel looking icon is, in my opinion, one of the most under utilized components in the Xcelsius toolbox.  It allows you to watch a trigger cell and then move data based on the value inContinue reading

d3 Chord Diagram

 The chord diagram is a data visualization displaying the relationships between data. The data is arranged in a circle with the relationships represented as arcs between segments.  A good example of a chord diagram is showing the states people live in now compared to where they grew up.  This diagram will show the trend in the migration of peopleContinue reading

Trend Icons

 Showing an indication of trend in your data can be a great addition to a visualization.  The native trend icons are only SWF compatible, so will not appear in your HTML5 dashboard.  We have created this simple component to allow you to show trends (either upwards, even or downwards) as either arrows or signal strength bars.Continue reading


 Do you need to delay moving data in your dashboard?  Perhaps you need to show a loading screen for a few seconds whilst some calculations are performed?  The delay component can provide this capability for you.In addition to delaying the movement of data, delay can be used to continually loop, much like the SWF play component.Continue reading

Flat UI

 When developing dashboards in Xcelsius, we seem to be constantly layering multiple components on top of each other to get the look we are after. Whether that is putting an ellipse over a pie chart to get a donut, or adding a transparent buttons over an image. The visual result is usually achieved, albeit atContinue reading