dCode V2 and Dash Viewer

In March of this year the whole of InfoSol UK de-camped and headed to a cottage in the middle of nowhere (near Wales).  This was going to be our first Hackathon where the whole company would take a real life issues and work it through all phases of the d evelopment life-cycle and produce aContinue reading


Tableau Conference Update

Last week InfoSol headed to the Mandalay Bay conference center, Las Vegas for the annual Tableau Conference.  I was fortunate to attend as a representative of the InfoSol UK development team.  About 18 months ago we started  the development of the IBTab add-on.  This InfoBurst add-on provides a way for companies to take their Business ObjectsContinue reading

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Dashboards 4.2 SP4 “Add-On Cannot Be Installed”

We have just been made aware of an issue when trying to add a new add-on into SAP Dashboards (Xcelsius) version 4.2 SP4Symptom:  When you try and add the add-on through “Manage Addons” you see the error “Add-On Cannot Be Installed”.  Any addons you had installed prior to upgrading will continue to function as normal. Cause:ThisContinue reading


‘com’ is undefined error on dashboard

We’ve recently been informed of an issue with hosting a dCoded dashboard on IIS7.  Symptom:  When hosting your dashboard on an IIS7 web server, your dashboard does not load fully and you see ‘com’ is undefined error messages in the javascript console.Cause:The fault is caused by 3rd party components requiring to use a directory calledContinue reading


Background Images

The other day, I was having a discussion with some colleagues about whether it’s good to include images and background images in dashboards versus keeping the background clear or just using blocks of colour.  There was no conclusive winner in the discussion, and we agreed that images can play a really useful role in yourContinue reading


Business Objects and Tableau

This year has flown by, but we’ve managed to pack a load of things into it:  We’ve launched the getdVeloping.com website and have seen a steady growth in visitor numbers,We’ve developed and released a number of new Xcelsius components,We’ve transitioned in the ongoing development and maintenance of the Centigon Essentials Bundle and CSV Connector components,We’veContinue reading


Exporting your data

 Currently in development within the Labs team are two components that give you the ability to export the data within your dashboard to common file formats.  We have been working on these for some time to try and get the work flow and capabilities as intuitive and feature rich as possible.  These components are:   


Subscription Options

As we draw to the end of 2016 we now have 7 Xcelsius components live and available for sale, with another 8 in alpha or beta.  We’re going to focus on completing these alpha / beta components in 2017 as well as working through our packed road map of exciting new components. Whilst each component isContinue reading


Essentially More Addons

For the past couple months we’ve been working behind the scenes on an exciting project that will see the Centigon Essentials Bundle and CSV connector add-ons transferred to InfoSol to manage and maintain going forwards.  The work we have been putting into developing components and pushing the bounds of Xcelsius means we are a greatContinue reading


SAP Webi 4.2 Custom Elements Experiment

When SAP announced some of the new features with Webi in BI 4.2 one new feature jumped out at me, Custom Elements. This is the ability to extend Web Intelligence’s charting and visualization capabilities with 3rd party addons. This tied in so well with the work we’ve been doing with Xcelsius in creating extensions andContinue reading