We've recently been informed of an issue with hosting a dCoded dashboard on IIS7.  

Symptom:  When hosting your dashboard on an IIS7 web server, your dashboard does not load fully and you see 'com' is undefined error messages in the javascript console.


The fault is caused by 3rd party components requiring to use a directory called bin in their code.  By default IIS7 blocks access to this bin directory causing the dashboard code not to fully load.


It is possible to configure IIS7 to permit access to bin directories please speak to your server administrator to enable bin directories in the IIS config.  You can find more details about the solution here: https://weblogs.asp.net/owscott/iis7-blocks-viewing-access-to-files-in-bin-and-other-asp-net-folders

Please ensure you have suitable back-ups prior to making any changes to your config files.


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