Long term users of Xcelsius will have maybe missed the power and capability of the Source Data component.  This small, excel looking icon is, in my opinion, one of the most under utilized components in the Xcelsius toolbox.  It allows you to watch a trigger cell and then move data based on the value in the trigger.  eg  put a number 1 in the trigger and it will move the 1st column / row of data,  put a 5 and it moves the 5th etc.  Once you've started to use this component in your models, you soon find it invaluable.  Yet this is a blocker from going mobile, as it is only supported in SWF output.

Therefore our UK Labs team have created the Data Mover component.  This is a direct mirror of the Source Data component, yet comes with both SWF and HTML5 support, whether you are dCoding your dashboard, or using native SAP BI Mobile, you can leverage this component.