In March of this year the whole of InfoSol UK de-camped and headed to a cottage in the middle of nowhere (near Wales).  This was going to be our first Hackathon where the whole company would take a real life issues and work it through all phases of the d evelopment life-cycle and produce a viable product at the end of the two days.  The challenge we set ourselves was to solve how to distribute HTML5 (dCoded) dashboards.  The issue is that with Flash dashboards you can just send someone the SWF file, however with a dCoded dashboard there are ten's of javascript, CSS, html files etc.

We covered off requirements, UI design, technical architecture, testing, marketing, support and then started the development

Discussing Requirements

After a late first night we had a working prototype that could display a manually packaged up dashboard (called a .dash file).  This was released to the QA team who put it through it's paces.  The bugs were fixed new features were added and at the end of the two days we had managed to produce a working desktop dash viewer.  The objectives of the hackathon were met and we all went home. However there was an issue.  Only the second half of the challenge was solved.  We could view packaged dashboards, but how do you package up a .dash file in the first place?  This is where dCode v2 started it's life.

first demo of dash viewer

dCode v2 is a complete re-write of dCode.  Now written in .net it:

  • has a number of fixes to dashboard bugs,
  • supports the delivery of .dash files,
  • is much quicker at dCoding your dashboards.

dCode v2 officially launches today and is available to download now.  You can also download the dash viewer application from "Products" menu at the top.

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