Filtered Summary provides data filtering and aggregation capabilities that when combined with BI queries, can save you days of development time, while increasing dashboard performance. Filtered Summary creates a layer of logic for filtering data and dynamically aggregating data by one or more columns. Now directly integrated with SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise BI4, you can take advantage of Filtered Summary direct query binding.


  • Significantly improve dashboard load time and performance
  • Shorten development time and improve dashboard maintenance by 20%
  • Inject summarization, text search and filtering capabilities for end users


  • Combine dynamic summarization, with column filtering/searching capabilities
  • Immediate response time with minimal impact to dashboard performance
  • Runtime calculation preview and copy to clipboard functionality simplify development
  • NEW- Dynamic multi-column aggregation
  • NEW- Direct binding to BI4 Query Browser

How Filtered Summary Works

In the example in Figure 1, you have key metrics by region and state. If you wanted to provide a summary by state or region, traditionally your dashboard developer would need to create multiple queries or create multiple layers of business logic within the dashboard. This not only takes time, but also negatively impacts the end user experience.

The Solution

Filtered Summary can automatically summarize your metrics by Region, State, or both dimensions by setting a few properties. Furthermore, a dashboard consumer can dynamically change the aggregation in real time.

See it in Action