Currently in development within the Labs team are two components that give you the ability to export the data within your dashboard to common file formats.  We have been working on these for some time to try and get the work flow and capabilities as intuitive and feature rich as possible.  These components are:




The Excel component gives you the ability to map to multiple ranges of data, with each range creating a new tab within your Excel workbook.  We support both XLSX and CSV format which you specify when configuring the component in Xcelsius

The PDF component gives you the ability to map to multiple ranges of data.  Each range will create a new table inside the PDF document, which you can set the formatting on (bold, italics, font color etc).  You can also optionally add headers and footers to the generated PDF document too.


    1. Hi Nikolaos,

      Thank you for your comment. Our export components are for HTML5 use only (so no flash support) and there are no server side requirements.

    2. Hi Nikolaos,

      As Natasha said all the processing is done client side.
      Good news… We have just a released a new version of Export As Excel that includes support for Flash.

      Export As PDF is still HTML5 only.


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