When developing dashboards in Xcelsius, we seem to be constantly layering multiple components on top of each other to get the look we are after. Whether that is putting an ellipse over a pie chart to get a donut, or adding a transparent buttons over an image. The visual result is usually achieved, albeit at the expense of exponentially increasing the number of components being used.

Our goal is to make developing dashboards easier and quicker. So we've created this pack of 6 add-ons that have a flat UI look and feel, whilst maintaining the same functionality you'd expect from their native Xcelsius counterpart. In some cases we've enhanced the native functionality (binding the state of a checkbox for example).  

The Flat UI pack also come with a slider and dual slider with full HTMl5 support, whether you are exporting your dashboard to SAP BI Mobile or if you're using dCode you don't have to compromise on your interactions.