I'm really excited to show off the latest component out of the UK Labs team.  The other week I blogged about the things we've got in the works in the UK Labs.  I've already show cased the Advanced IFrame component which allows you not only to embed other HTML5 dashboard within your model but allows you to pass data to and from the parent and child.  This is kind of a SWF Loader on steroids for the HTML5 era.  Next on our list was to replace Flash vars, so that you can pass data from outside the dashboard into your model.  You can accomplish this with the Advanced IFrame component by using javascript messaging, but you can now do this by passing things through your URL.

In the example video below, you can see I've created as simple dashboard and have added the new HTML5 Vars component.  This will look at your address URL in the browser and take messages and variables you've specified and inject them into your dCoded dashboard.  Eg  http://yoursite.com?message=Hello  will take the word Hello and put that in your spreadsheet.

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