An iframe is a frame used in HTML to allow you to embed web content from another source within an HTML pageadvanced-iframe.  The Advanced iFrame component is an Xcelsius component which allows you to embed external content straight into your HTML5 dashboard.  Please note this component does not have SWF support, so you will be unable to use this within a SWF dashboard.

The component allows you to do much more than just embed external content, it has the capability to pass and receive data with the embedded content too.  This communication capability, and the ability to seamlessly integrate web content into your dashboard makes the Advanced iFrame a very powerful tool.

The following lesson topics will take you through some of the uses for this component.  Throughout we will be referring to “parent” and “child” elements:

Parent – this is the page where you put the iFrame component
Child – this is the content you are embedding within your parent