It's been just over a month since IBIS, where we launched this website. At IBIS we promised to keep this site updated with hints, and tips on all things Business Intelligence Add-ons. So here is the our first post to give you a look behind the scenes at the UK Labs.

We spoke with a number of customers at IBIS and received some great feedback and ideas on what components, enhancements and add-ons you'd like to see for Webi and Xcelsius. We've been working hard these past few weeks and have a number of things in the pipeline.

1470165454_1First up is for Xcelsius and is an HTML5 equivalent for Flash Vars. This is a means for you to pass data into your dashboard. We're calling the new component "HTML5 Vars" (ingenious I know) and will be a utility component that will let you map incoming data to the spreadsheet. You will be able to pass data in in two ways:
1. Via the URL, in the below example this will take the word hello and allow you to map it to the spreadsheet.
eg http://mydashboard/?variable=hello
2. Via JavaScript events. This is a little more complex to implement as you need to write some javascript code (don't worry we will provide a user friendly wizard within the component to create the code for you). This method will all you to pass data without having to show it in the URL.

As soon as we have a demo dashboard using this new component I will post some videos.

1470165485_2Next up is for Web Intelligence and is leveraging the new functionality to create custom visualizations for your reports.  The feature allows you to create a custom type in the "Turn To" menu.  So for example you currently you can take your report block, right click and "turn to" line chart, or cross tab etc.   The new feature in Webi 4.2 allows you to extend Business Objects so you can "Turn To" something bespoke.

We're writing some example visualizations to showcase the capability and possibilities and will then be looking to our consultants and customers to suggest visualizations to create.  Our first prototype is converting our multi-chart Xcelsius component, so that you can use d3 charts within your Webi report.  We have a working prototype of this, which I will post a video up of shortly.

1470165513_3Finally back to Xcelsius and some more HTML5 components.  Our last project is looking at a way to embed other HTML5 dashboards and web content within your model.  Leveraging HTML Iframes and the HTML5 Vars functionality mentioned above, we are able to not only embed other web app content within dashboards, we are able to communicate with them as well.  Consider a large dashboard project with multiple pages in the model.  Imagine if you could split each page into it's own model, so that you could parallel develop it, or test and debug individually.  Then using this new component (name still to be decided) you are able to merge these multiple dashboards into one cohesive model, sharing data between them all.

Lots of exciting things coming out of UK Labs, and we will continue to share our project ideas and progress.  If you have any suggestions or ideas please feel free to comment them below.  Keep tuned for some exciting news about a Tableau project we've been working on to enable you to leverage Webi Report content within Tableau.


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