Topic Progress:

In the first topic you saw how to embed another website into your dashboard.  Now imagine embedding another dashboard within your dashboard.  You can now start to see some powerful ways to expand the size and complexity of your HTML5 models.  This topic will show you how to embed a dashboard within a dashboard using dCode.

  1. Drag the Advanced IFrame component onto your dashboard.
    • This first dashboard will be the parent, and will display other dashboards within the IFrame.
    • These other dashboards will be the children
  2. Select parent from the IFrame type in the properties window
    • We will be creating the children dashboards next, and will save them inside the dCoded parent dashboard.
    • In this example we will have 2 child dashboards called child1 and child2
    • We will have a spreadsheet cell that will display either child1/app.html or child2/app.html depending on which child we want to show inside the IFrame
  3. In the URL field map to the spreadsheet cell  mentioned in the previous step
  4. Preview and dCode your dashboard, in this example we will call the dashboard parent
  5. Open up your two child dashboards and dCode them as well, called child1 and child2 respectively.
  6. Take the dCoded child1 and child2 folders and place them inside the parent folder.
    • iframe-parent-child
  7. Now when you view your parent dashboard it will display the contents of the child dashboards seamlessly