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First things first, we need to convert your webi report data into a web service that can be consumed by Xcelsius

  1. In Business Objects, right click on the webi report block you want to convert to a web service
  2. Select publish as web service from the menu
  3. Go through the publish content wizard giving your web service a name
  4. Once you have completed the wizard, click on the globe icon in your left side menu to open the web service publisher pane
  5. Locate your newly published web service and click on the down arrow in the WSDL URL field
  6. Select copy the URL to clipboard

Now we have published the web service we need use this URL within Xcelsius as our data source

  1. Open Xcelsius and browse to the connection manager
  2. Add a new Web service query (Query as a Web Service)*
    • the asterisk symbol indicates that this connection type is mobile (HTML5) compatible
  3. Paste the URL you copied into the WSDL URL field and click Import
  4. Select the Display Report Block method from the dropdown
  5. In the Input Values provide the username and password
    • In my example I have wired these two fields to my spreadsheet and have provided a simple form within Xcelsius to allow the end user to enter their username and password
  6. In the Output Values select where to output the data
    • make sure you use the table » Row » cell  when wiring up your data as the other options will either return only the header rows or the footer rows.
  7. In the Usage tab specify when the data is to be refreshed.

That’s it, the dashboard is now wired up to consume the Webi report data.  you can preview the dashboard to see it in action.  Once you are happy just dCode it as normal and save the output to a network location.

Next we need to take this dCoded output and publish it onto the BO Tomcat server.  This will allow you access the dashboard via a web browser / mobile device.

  1. Copy or FTP the dCoded folder to your BO Tomcat server
  2. Place the whole folder in the following location (amend according to your environment and folder structure):
    • C:Program Files (x86)SAP Business ObjectsTomcatWebapps

All done!

You can now access your dashboard on the following link:  http://<tomcat server>:8080/<dCoded project>/app.html  for example if my dCoded project was called BIWS-TEST then I would use:

http://<tomcat server>:8080/BIWS-TEST/app.html